Monday, February 3, 2014

14 Days of Valentines 2014

Okay!  I finally found a minute to share the individual valentines for this year.  For the last couple of years, I have left a small gift and note for each of my children to discover in the mornings.  You can read about that here, here, here, here, and....well, I am sure you get the idea!  :D  There are others that can be searched for on the blog using the search box.  I'll spare you the repetition!

This year, though, I added a little to it.  I have been doing Valentines From God each day, as I wrote about in my last post, but I have also been writing specific notes to each of my children on a heart to tell her/him one specific thing I love about him/her.  This was an idea I found on Pinterest.  I have it pinned on my Valentine's Day board.  This was a project I also did ahead of time to make the activity run a lot more smoothly.  Each morning I tape a new heart to their bedroom doors.  They have caught on and now get up and go find the heart.  I also did this for my husband.  In years past, I would do the little gifts for him, but this year he is in Texas.  I will give him the hearts he has missed when we see him next week.  I can't wait!

These are most of the other small gifts and notes I will be using for the children.  I still have a couple little things to pick up (crayons, small sodas, and a movie), but this gives you an idea of the different types of things you can use.  I tried to stay away from candy and unhealthy treats, but a couple slipped in.  ;)

I plan to serve muffins on the Frisbee's turned over and lined with wax
paper one morning for breakfast.  :) 
I hope you can use some of the ideas here!  I had a lot of fun creating our activities this year.  I hope you find special ways to show your loved ones just how much you love them all through the year!

Until we meet again, may you be blessed!

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