Saturday, August 16, 2014

Raspberry Zinger GGMS

Isn't it such a pretty color!?
Oh, my friends! I was so ready to sit and settle down for the evening, but I wanted something to drink, so I decided to make the Trim Healthy Mama Good Girl Moonshine. Well, the thing is, I don't like it with just plain water, so I always start with an herbal tea base. Tonight, I pulled out the Raspberry Zinger tea I bought the other day. The results nearly have me doing cartwheels, so I came straight to my computer instead of the sofa to share with you in case some of you may be following the diet as well. The original recipe from The Trim Healthy Mama authors, Serene and Pearl, is in the link above. :)

First, I brewed two cups of the tea using one of the tea bags.

In addition to the other ingredients that make the GGMS, I added one teaspoon of orange extract and one teaspoon of cherry extract. Oh my, oh my, oh. my. STARS!! :) It is soooo good! It tastes just like fruit punch!!! Wow! I didn't see that one coming! HAPPY DANCE! I don't like sparkling water, but can you imagine how pretty it would be with that mixed in?! I have used other tea bases, but this one knocks it out of the park! Seriously! Try it, and see what you think.

Just as another tip: don't use dry, ground ginger. It absolutely will not be the same. I cannot drink it that way. I have to use fresh. I buy a large chunk, peel it, chop it into small pieces, and freeze it until I need a piece for my GGMS. Lastly, for my THM drinks, I mostly use a liquid stevia, and that is usually Skinny Girl Stevia. For my GGMS, I use two squeezes. :)

For more information about the eating plan, visit the Trim Healthy Mama website or the Trim Healthy Mama Fan Page on Facebook! (Non-affliliate link. :) )

Until we meet again, may you be blessed!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Bubblegum Betty: A Book Review

Last fall I was so blessed to be able to spend a week with my friend, Jane, the author of this sweet book. During that trip I also was able to meet her father and mother, Bubblegum Betty. I was immediately drawn to her charm and personality and tried to adopt her as my second mother! During that trip, Jane shared one or two stories of her mother that she said she was going to put in a book she wanted to write for her mother. Jane made sure I had plenty of laughs that week. Betty and her husband even sent treats for me to carry home from that trip! I have been saving my cherry pears for just the right opportunity!

Recently, I was very honored and surprised when Jane asked if I would read and write a review of her book, Bubblegum Betty. How exciting it was for me, even if it did make me nervous! I knew Jane had been saying she was going to write a book about her mother, but I didn't know she had actually done it until the books were about to come off the press!

What a sweet, fun book this is! Right from the introduction that read like the beginning of one of my favorite novels, I was drawn into Betty's life. Stepping back in time to see glimpses from the life of a free-spirited Mennonite girl growing up in Pennsylvania during the Great Depression was quite the reading adventure. One of my favorite stories was of how Betty determined she needed to marry a preacher's son. Betty did date a preacher's son, but I won't spoil the ending for those who haven't read the book yet.

I invite you to read this very sweet, fun book and learn from Betty what it means to be 'normal' and to love family. Life may not always be what others consider normal, but that doesn't mean one is not normal or worthy of love. I also invite you to try one of the yummy recipes in the back! My followers know if there is a recipe around, I am sure to find it!

Make sure you don't miss one single fun adventure from Betty's life that is captured in this book- or any of the great advice or recipes from Betty in the back! If you would like to the order the book, it can be purchased here in Jane's Etsy store.

I think today I shall eat pears!

Until we meet again, may you be blessed!