Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Valentine Cheese

There is something that happens to my brain at this same time every year.  Every time I enter a store, I have these goofy sayings running through my head that would make a great idea for one of my cheesy valentine gifts.  Such was the case when I went grocery shopping the other day and had to pick up the last few items for our activities.  I just had to share, you know, just in case you didn't already have enough ideas of your own! ;) ahem...

It happened first when I was walking down the aisle, and a cute little pack of sushi erasers caught my eye.  I immediately thought of my little girl.  She loves sushi as much as I do.  As I looked closer, I noticed the erasers were also puzzles.  And it happened...one of those goofy phrases ran through my head!  Agh!!!

Then, I headed over to the video aisle to pick up a movie I needed.  The first movie my eyes rested upon wasn't the one I needed, and it happened again!  I never did find the original movie I went after, so guess what came home with me along with another goofy phrase?

I decided to head directly to the groceries, and keep my eyes straight ahead to avoid any random cheesiness running through my head.  Alas, I was halfway through and feeling quite accomplished when I fell into random cheesiness over squeezable applesauce.  Sigh...Surely I will recover soon.

Here ya go!  Enjoy this moment of cheesy bliss brought to you by yours truly...

Until we meet again, may you be blessed!

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