Saturday, January 4, 2014

Simple Things!

Last week I put this post on Facebook:  Putting my feet down in Montezuma and picking up my 6 pounds of delicious Ohio cheese: it is the simple things, y'all! Doesn't take much to make me happy!  

My friend, Jane  (That is a link to take you to her Mary and Martha website.), told me to put it on my blog.  I still am not sure why, but I figured, "Why not?"  

Sometimes, during the holidays, we find ourselves caught up in festivities and big "WOW" moments, but sometimes, the heart just craves Jesus, friends, heartfelt conversations, and familiarity.

I guess to more fully understand this post, one must first understand that Montezuma is the town I have found our church home and close church friends I consider family.  With all that has happened this fall and winter, I haven't been able to go very often.  Well, someone from Ohio was coming down and offered to take orders for the most delicious cheeses to bring to us here in the south!  Having had this cheese several times at different functions, I knew I was placing my order!  If you have never had it, if the opportunity to get any ever arises, you simply must jump at the opportunity!

The day I went to pick up my cheese, I went alone and drank coffee along the way.  Just to drive in to Montezuma, my spirits lifted and my heart soared!  I am not quite sure why other than I finally felt like I was home again.  I felt at perfect peace and the world was right again.  I smiled so much, my cheeks ached!

Still, when Jane told me to put this on my blog, I didn't know what to do with it!  Well, I finally figured I would just show you the first thing I did with it when I walked in the door!

I sliced it.

Then I made cheese toast on hamburger buns because I didn't have bread!  Yes!  Such simple things can make me so happy!  

Later that night, my little girl secretly asked if she could use her new Christmas gift to surprise her daddy and brother with cookies when they got out of the shower.  I didn't want to make more mess, but I was so blessed by her wanting to do something so sweet, that I couldn't say no.  And guess what?  She happily cleaned up her own mess.  Wow!  What beautiful blessings I would have missed if I had said no!

Easy Bake Microwave chocolate cookies and fondant
I guess it is just the willingness to see God's blessings in ANY situation that make one happy!  Oh, thank you LORD for all your tender mercies and gifts!

One more precious set of friends to see, and I will feel like my Christmas is complete!

Until we meet again, may you be blessed!


  1. So blessed that you have friends and family, even if you need to drive a little bit!
    I'm big on that kind of cheese!
    Funny, I don't remember asking you to put it on your blog, my failing memory.

    1. You funny lady! I am blessed, indeed, and yes, this cheese is so good!