Monday, December 3, 2012

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

I am so sorry it seems I have abandoned my blog!  I have just been so busy experiencing and absorbing life that I haven't taken the time to stop and write.  :)

Fall is my favorite time of the year for many reasons, one of which is that is signals Christmas is just around the corner!  I simply ADORE Christmas!  I love everything about it, especially that it is the time of year set aside to celebrate the birth of my Savior!  Until recent years, Christmas alone was my favorite holiday, but now, Easter ties for favorite!  :)

My sister and I have started several Christmas traditions since I have had children.  One is decorating my home.  When my daughter was a baby, I was going through a terrible postpartum period.  I was so full of anxiety, I couldn't function enough to put up my Christmas tree.  My precious sister came over to help occupy my hands, thoughts, and time.  To this day, I still cannot stand to string lights!  She comes to my home every year to help.  We do four trees in my home.  I have my "Pretty Tree," my "Memory Tree," and a small tree in each child's room.  Most years, the children and I work on their trees while my sister strings the lights on our pretty tree.  When she has won the battle of lights, she patiently helps decorate under my, sometimes, compulsive directions.  lol!  Bless her!  Well, actually, she doesn't really need much direction.  She is quite talented herself.  She's the one who made the bow for my wreath.  She also helps fluff my pre-lit memory tree.  If there is time left, she helps trim it.  We have so much fun replaying memories, planning new adventures, and laughing- oh the laughing!  It is what we do best!  :)  When she leaves, I usually spend the next few days finishing the rest of the house.  This year, it is taking a little longer.  I wanted to add a few things, but, oh, that crazy budget!  It takes a while when you are adding a piece here and a piece there.  It has taken me over three years to get curtains for one room!  I was able to do a new wreath this year, finally.  The old one was only ten years old!  Perhaps I should have kept it one more year.  lol!

I know four trees seems a bit much, but it is so therapeutic to me. The actual act of trimming the tree is so relaxing. Even more than that, when each tree goes up, it seems to symbolize what God has done in my life. He has brought me so far, taught me so much, and blessed me in so many ways.  Would you like a peek into my home?  I hope so.  I don't want to go through all those hours of decorating just for my family and me.  I want others to enjoy it, too.

The new wreath on the front door.  I love
clearance sales!  :)
Come on in!  This is the living room with the "Pretty Tree" and the nativity my husband had when we got married.

The tree still needs a topper, but I needed to
go ahead and get this post done.

Next up is the dining room.  Just turn around.  :)

The jar, the ornaments in the jar and the garland are old.  The doily is a gift from my other very talented sister.  Her gifts of love are scattered throughout my home.  I wish she could join the Christmas decorating tradition.

This is the Nativity I had before Bill and I got married.  Let's move into the family room.

Yep!  Maybe by next year I can afford a
a curtain or valance in this room.  :)

Shew! It's so bright and warm outside!

This is the memory tree.  Upon it are ornaments that are older than I am.  Several years back, my mother asked what of hers I would like to have.  One of my favorite memories from my childhood is decorating the tree with her, so I asked for my favorite ornaments.  I got them last year in time to put them on my tree.  Some of them are ornaments my brother and sisters made when they were children, some are ornaments I made as a child, some are just ornaments I loved.  I, well, we, now that the children are old enough, LOVE decorating this tree.  With each new ornament removed from the box comes a story of when the ornament was made or where the ornament came from, the trip on which it was bought, and any other memories which may surround it.  Any time we take a trip, we try to find an ornament to represent that trip to add to our memory tree. It is so exciting to see ornaments my own children have made begin to adorn the tree now.

Now for the children's trees.

Alissa's going to get me one day.  It was morning and she was still in her pj's when she wanted to finish the tree with the tiara.  :)
These trees are special to the children and me.  Each year, their aunt gives them a new ornament so that when they leave home, they will have their own special collection of ornaments for their own trees.

But, why do I love having the trees throughout the house?

This is why!  I love walking through the house at night and seeing the glow of the lights, especially as I check on my slumbering children.  When I was going through that terrible postpartum, I had a dream one night of Heaven.  The light of Alissa's tree and room especially remind me of the light in that dream.  The glow of the trees reminds me of God's perfect light.  I think about the birth of Jesus.  I try to imagine what each person that night must have thought and felt.  I think of Mary and how she must have felt knowing she was holding the savior.  Can you imagine?  The songs 'O, Holy Night' and 'Silent Night' and others play through my head.  Oh, it is indeed the most wonderful time of the year!

Okay, I guess before I end up being called the crazy Christmas lady, I should end the tour.  Yes, there is more, but these are the highlights.  :)  I promise there are no more trees.  :D

I know there are several who read my blog who do not celebrate Christmas the same way as I.  I would love to see or read about your traditions if you would like to share.

Until we meet again, may you be blessed!

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