Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas Around the World: Mexico

Hello friends.  I pray this day finds you resting in God's love.

A couple days ago, we covered Mexico in our studies.  Mexico is always a fun country to cover.  As usual we started by discussing the country.  For Mexico, we discussed the legend of the poinsettia.

For a craft, I cut poinsettias from felt and let the children help put them together.  I took an old holly bush spray that had gold, glittered berries and cut the berries from the spray to use for the center of the poinsettias.  We just used Tacky Glue to glue them to the center

For supper, we made Christmas tree tostadas and Doritos taco salad.  The tostadas were perfect to let Alissa do once I cooked the meat.  She loved 'decorating' the trees!

They turned out so cute!

Christmas tree tostada and the completed
This was our meal, complete with Jarritos (fruit-flavored soda) from the Hispanic section of the grocery store!  :)  Once, when I went on a missions trip to Mexico, the people of the village we stayed in served these drinks to us every night.  We were told that they were a very rare treat for them.  We were so honored.  I felt guilty drinking it, but we did because the precious people were so proud to be giving us their best.  Is that not the most precious thing?  Oh, yeah...the picture.  :)  Sorry about that!

Yep, I cheated and used bottled dressing for the first time a
a very long time.  It was so late in the day, I just didn't
feel like making my own.  :)
Are you hungry yet?

Until we meet again, may you be blessed!

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