Monday, September 10, 2012

Boom, Bang, or Rotten Peas?

I am still working on the second sight word book for Jacob, but I can't seem to get my act together enough to finish it.  I felt it was time for another home school post, though.  (By the way, stay tuned to the blog later in the fall.  There should be plenty of home school blog posts to come!)

In case some of you have never heard of it, I'd like to share another game I used all the time while teaching public school.  But, please, don't think I made it up!  I don't think I am that creative!  :)  This is a game we called Bang! , but I have also heard it called Boom!   Like the fishing game, it can be used for many skills and levels.  The sky is the limit.  I use this game with both of my children at the same time sometimes.

To make the game, you will need Popsicle sticks or tongue depressors.  They can be found in the craft section of most stores.   Jacob is working letters, sounds, and a few sight words, so I wrote one letter or word on the end of each stick.  On one stick, the word "Boom" or "Bang" needs to be written.  Somehow, I lost mine, so I pulled a stick from a different game to represent "Boom".  After looking at it to do pictures for this post, I realized it looked like peas.  Perhaps I could change the name to "Rotten Peas!"  The word really doesn't matter.  In fact, the sillier the better!

You will also need a can or cup in which to put the sticks (written side down).  Here I have a Slim Jim can.  I have also used a Pringles can before.  I have seen other teachers use a coffee mug.  Just use what you have.  It doesn't have to be fancy.

The game is designed to have more than more player, but Jacob pulls it out all the time and plays by himself.  :)  To play, players take turns pulling one stick from the can at a time. 

He/she reads what is written on the stick.  If he is correct, he keeps the stick.  If he is incorrect or doesn't know what is on the stick, the stick goes back in the can, and the next player takes his turn.  Play continues until one person pulls the "Boom".  The person that pulls "Boom" puts all of his sticks back in the can, and play continues as long as student remain interested and engaged.  We make the "Boom" exaggerated and silly, so that putting the sticks back becomes a fun thing to do rather than one that causes tears.  Making it fun keeps the players engaged so that the skills are practiced for a longer period of time.

When Alissa plays with Jacob, I get her to put the words in ABC order or write sentences or a story with the words.  Another fun thing is for her to take Jacob on a "treasure hunt" to find things in the house or outside that begin with the sound of the letters she pulled.

I hope you can use the idea in your home school!  Let me know what new twists you add to it!

Until we meet again, may you be blessed!

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