Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sight Word Book 1 is Here!

It is finally here!  The perfectionist in me caused me to put this project off for a while, but I finally tackled the project and got it done!  True to anything I type, I did find an error in it.  :(  I'm sure you'll spot it easily.  How I didn't catch it is beyond my understanding, but what in life is perfect?  ;)  I didn't take pictures of all the pages in the book, but I think you can get a good feel for the book from the few pictures I did take.  Before I show you the activities to go with the book you must promise not to laugh at my lack of artistic skills!  :)

Just for fun, I added some pages to the end that make this book look like a real book.  After I got the book in the mail, I realized that the suggestions would actually be really good for someone else who might find themselves reading the book to Jacob.

These are sight words from the Dolch Sight Word list that
students learn in school.  This list covers the first set of words
plus a few extra taught in kindergarten at the school in whch
I used to teach.  Each new book will build upon and reinforce
the words learned in the previous book.
Can you believe I didn't catch that?  It still boggles my mind
that one can read something so many times and never see a
mistake like that!  :)

Please keep in mind, that this book and the others that follow are to use when my son is older.  He is just now showing signs of really wanting to learn.  He is still in the letters and sounds stage. 

This is the latest sight word activity I've made to go along with this book.  These aren't all of them.  I just picked a few to photograph.  It is very rough in form, but Jacob likes it. He is still too young to read the words, but finding and naming the letters is like a puzzle for him.  Each time he works on this activity and others listed in the book, he is building pre-reading skills.  He is not quite four yet.  Him being able to read the book is not my goal at this point.  My goal is for him to learn that letters have meaning.  Letters have sounds, and when thoses sounds are put together, words are formed.  I also want him to have fun while learning.  When he has found all the letters for a word, we do sound it out and say the word together.  He feels like such a big boy and gives the biggest smile!  If you want to do this with your child, I would recommend using clear contact paper to laminate the cards to keep them from getting torn up so easily.

There is no one right way to play this.  I let Jacob choose
which word he wants to do.  Most of the time, I do have him
start at the beginning of the word and find the letters in order
to help him learn that when we read and sound out words, we
track from left to right.  Of course, he sneaks in other letters
out of order sometimes; he's three-years-old!

Okay, this is where you promise not to laugh!  This is a book anyone can do at home.  I did this to show you, you don't have to have a lot of money and be really fancy with materials when you teach.  The only reason I made a real book is because I have tons of pictures that go to waste if I don't find something creative to do with them.  My books are keepsakes for my children.  I just thought I would kill two birds with one stone.  The only materials you need to make the book is some white paper, a pen, and a stapler.  To make the book, decide what sentences you want to use.  Cut out one square for every sentence, unless you want to put a sentence on the front and back of each square.  Print one sentence on each square.  When all your squares are finished, staple them together along one side to make a book.  When I did this book, I actually made a handwriting component within the book.  For each sight word, the child can trace the letters to write the word.

I heard that!  These are just a few of the pages.  If you are like me and don't like your drawings, you can always use magazine pictures or pictures printed from your computer or internet.  Jake likes laughing at my pictures, though.  I guess I will keep them to hear him giggle!

You are always welcomed to email me with questions about an activity.  I will do my best to help.  I know other readers and I would also love to hear your favorite activities that you use with your children.  I look foward to hearing them!

Until we meet again, may you be blessed!


  1. Very cool, my friend! I like it!! Isn't it awesome to be able to homescool our children? ;)
    You know, I might just need to do one or two or three of those for my boys! :)

  2. Yes it is! I wouldn't trade it for anything- most days anyway. :) If you make them, let me know how it goes!

  3. Thank you, Jenni! It was fun! I'll be glad when I can finish the next one!