Friday, April 20, 2012

Hog Wash

What a Crazy day!  You just haven't lived until, in one single day, you've nearly been the victim of road rage and been given a shower of dirty pig water!

I did my normal Friday trip to Thomaston to do my grocery shopping, but the children decided to stay at home and play since Bill was on vacation and could watch them.  What a rare treat for me to be able to shop alone!  I decided to treat myself to the Country Cupboard Deli for lunch.  It was very good!  I've never had wheat bread so light and soft.  For all my readers who live in Thomaston, if you haven't tried it, you should!  I only had half a sandwhich, but it was very filling.

After getting groceries and gas (where I nearly became the victim of road rage) I headed to Cake House Bakery to take my mother a little something for her birthday.

This evening, I decided to experiment in the kitchen.  I found the cutest little bell peppers in the store today and decided to use them in spaghetti for supper tonight.  They were called Baby Bells and came in a package of one yellow, orange, and red bell pepper.  They were so good in the spaghetti!

What?  You don't plant seeds while you cook in the kitchen?  Lol!  That's right.  The experiment wasn't using the peppers in the spaghetti, it was seeing if I could grow my own cute peppers.  Bill did plant a couple of pepper plants for me last week, but they were regular green bell peppers.  I wanted to see if I could grow these cute colored peppers that I never buy in the store due to the outrageous price!  I didn't have a clue what I was doing, but as the food cooked on the stove, I planted bell pepper seeds right there in the kitchen!  I don't know if they will grow, but I tried!  Any suggestions for next year are certainly welcomed!

As I we finished up eating supper, the power went out.  Since I couldn't do much until the power came back on.  I finished up the little things and headed outside to the animals.  I got tickled as Marge, the hen, and Otis, the pig, came running to me as usual.  Bill finally got to see it for himself as he was already at the hog pen when I joined him.  Little Otis will stick his snout through the hog wire as far as he can trying to reach me.  I have to reach in and love on him to make him stop.  His favorite place to be rubbed is the soft area just behind his ears.  He's so sweet!  I'm glad we don't have to eat him!

I also took advantage of the power outage to catch up on some weeding and planting.  I got one whole bed and part of another weeded.  I also got forty cups of lavendar seeds planted/started and my two lemon verbenas transplanted into a bigger pot.  Does anyone out there have and suggestions for how to use the lavender and verbena?

I hope you enjoyed a great day today, too!  Until we meet again, may you be blessed!


  1. What a treat!!

    The lunch & shopping part...

    Road rage & dirty pig water showers? Not so much! ;)

    I've been thinking of getting some lavendar myself... be sure to post on the uses you find for it :)

  2. :)
    I will. I had hoped someone reading this post knew how to use it and could offer suggestions and directions. I've been doing some reading on it. I may do a post on some of the ideas I find. If not, I will send my findings to you.