Sunday, April 29, 2012

Silver and Gold

What a difference a simple phone call can make!  I have gained another sweet, special friend in my life who, until today, I had only spoken with through email.  What a surprise she gave me today when she called me!   Oh, I was so excited.  We had a wonderful conversation.  As I tried to finish up supper and all the watering and animal feedings, I couldn't help but think how the phone call made me smile from the inside out.  I wanted to do the same for someone else.  Who better to pick than another very special, close friend?  I have been missing her quite a bit more than I have slowed down enough to realize.  There was a song we used to sing in my Girl Scout days that said, "Make new friends, but keep the old.  One is silver and the other's gold."  Oh, how true!  It is so good to have friends who have and will continue to stick with you through the thick and thin of life.  What a blessing it is, too, when God places in our lives new friends, and we can journey along life's road together!

I love the close friends I have, new and old.  Each is beautiful in her own unique strengths and weaknesses.  What a blessing it is to have bonds with those who can share the special and ordinary moments in life.


  1. And what a sweet friend you are MrsG. Love your blog too!