Sunday, April 22, 2012

How Not to Cook in Your Kitchen

There are so many blogs out there with such helpful suggestions on how to cook and be neat, clean, and organized that I thought I might try something a little different.  This post is dedicated to all those who are as scatterbrained as I!

How Not To Cook in Your Kitchen
  1. Don't start your supper on the stove, bringing your meal almost up to boiling, and then have a sudden emergency sending you running to the restroom.  If you do, you will work through the thinking process way too quickly bringing you to the conclusion that the best, logical solution is to turn of the stove and run.
  2. When you return to your kitchen don't look at your pot and ponder why it is taking so long to boil.  If you do, you will come to the conclusion it was because the food you added to the pot was frozen and it's just taking a little extra time to heat up.  Don't stress over this step too much, though.  If you do accidentally do this, you will eventually realize you never turned the stove back on.  Your supper will just take some extra time to cook.
  3. When you make your peach cobbler, don't use all-purpose flour when the recipe calls for self-rising.  If you do, you may be lucky enough to realize the error of your ways.  If you do realize your error, you could make a big mess trying to pour the wrong flour back into the canister.
  4. Finally, when you are cleaning up, don't turn the warm water on too high when washing out a bowl.  You could accidentally soak your daughter who is standing nearby admiring the cobbler baking in the convection oven!  Warning!  Please be very careful not to do this.  It can cause uncontrolled giggling and laughing!

I hope you enjoy experimenting in your kitchen.  Until we meet again, may you be blessed!


  1. Lol!! That could be a day in my kitchen! Hehehe... And happy to see you remembered the most important ingredients: family & laughter :)

  2. Those are usually the easiest ingredients to remember! :)