Saturday, July 14, 2012

Kids' Choice Projects

Do you remember when I said I was going to spend some undivided time with the children, and I was going to let the children pick out a project for us to do?  Well, I kept my word.  They each picked out a project.  Of course, I had to do most of the labor, but we had great results.

The first project was Jacob's.  He wanted a cape made from an adult t-shirt.  His project was easy.  There was no sewing or thinking involved, lol!  Here is a look at his.

Alissa's project was a bit more complicated.  It required A LOT of thinking, pondering, procrastinating, and pulling a sewing machine out of a three year hibernation.  Have I mentioned I don't sew?  I thought the project through and planned it in my head, but when it came down to actually sewing, I chickened out!  I had to ask my mother to come down and hold my hand, lol!  That presented another problem.  She didn't have the advantage of having thought the project through as I had. 

This is Mama trying to make sense of what I
was telling her.  Notice, she is not behind the
machine.  ;)

Our ideas of how to put the project together didn't exactly match, but we had fun laughing at ourselves.  She thought I was kidding when I told her I had forgotten the very little bit I had ever known about sewing.  It didn't take her long to figure out I wasn't!  :) 

Haha!  She finally ended up behind the
machine on one little part I just couldn't handle.
I did do most of the sewing, though!

The final product wasn't perfect, but it was good enough to make my little girl happy.  That and enjoying the time with my mother is what mattered most.  Here is a look at Alissa's project.  It is a sleeping bag for her Bummy.  I wasn't ready to tackle a zipper, so we used Velcro instead.  Alissa picked the fabrics.  The inside of the sleeping bag is made from an old t-shirt.

Until we meet again, may you be blessed!


  1. Yay!!
    We made the hero capes for our 4 yo & 3 yo... In a Sharpie marker, the backs were marked 'Tornado T' & 'Hurricane H'... Perfect descriptions of my little boys!!
    I'll have to show my 11 yo daughter the sleeping bag idea... she LOVES trying her hand at sewing projects! :)
    I adore the froggie fabric!!

    1. :) Thank you! I bet your capes are really cute.

  2. Lovely little sleeping bag! How many dollies does Alyssa have? I think Wendi has way to many!

    1. Thank you! Alissa is sitting with me now. She read your comment and giggled, "I have too many too." I guess if she admits that, she does have too many! I am really not sure how many she has. She only has two or three favorites, and she has some of my dolls from when I was little.