Thursday, August 8, 2013

Boiled Peanuts

Oh, my stars!  I feel like I have boiled peanuts coming out my ears, y'all!  I started my peanuts with soaking two nights ago, and the last ones are on the stove cooking now with chili powder and ground cumin. Yum!  I have 21 quarts and 11 pints done.  I am not sure what I will end up with from those on the stove.  I will be putting those in the freezer because I am pooped!

Nothing says summer and fall more loudly to me than sitting down with a bowl of hot boiled peanuts in a cool house and popping those shells between my teeth.  Oh, what fond memories this brings back.  My stepfather used to LOVE cooking peanuts every year.  When I smell them I can remember the texture and color of the sofa fabric against my skin.  I can still hear my mama quietly complaining that the salt was eating away at her pot while I sat on a stool at the counter.  That kitchen, that home, all those memories...yep, boiled peanuts are one thing that easily take me back there.  Oh, how I would love to spend just a few more minutes there to be thankful for the things I took for granted, to morn what was lost, to be happy for what was gained, just to be. Goodness, I loved my parents.  I wish I could go back and try even more to prove that to them!  That home will forever be my childhood home.

Well, life has a way of moving us on, and I recently learned that boiled peanuts can be canned.  I knew I had to do them!  There is nothing hard about doing them, but they are very time consuming.  I am sure I will appreciate my efforts this fall when I am munching on my peanuts while watching my Georgia Dawgs playing football!

To make the peanuts, I first soaked my peanuts for one hour in cold water in my sink two times.  The next time, I left the peanuts to soak overnight.  Next, I put the peanuts in a large pot and covered them with water.  They were left to come up to a boil while I prepared the jars, lids, and brine.

Everything ready to go!

Next, I used a funnel to fill my jars with the peanuts.  I shake my jars when I am almost done filling and add more nuts if needed.

Next, I dipped a measuring cup into the brine and poured the brine into the jar to the lower rim of the jar.

The rim was then wiped clean, and the jar was sealed with a two piece lid.

As each jar was finished, it was placed back into the simmering water in the canner.  The process was repeated until the canner was full.

Once the canner was full, I processed quarts for 50 minutes at 10 pounds pressure and pints for 45 minutes at 10 pounds pressure.

Don't stop, don't go too fast!  Don't stop, don't go too fast!  Don't stop, don't go too fast!  :)  Don't make my mistake and let your sleeve catch the regulator, knocking it askew.  That is not pleasant. :)

Once the pressure was released from the canner, I removed the jars from the canner to finish cooling.

The jars should remain untouched for 24 hours.

All done!

1/2 bushel raw peanuts
2 gallons water
2 cups salt
Any seasonings you would like to add to taste, optional

In a deep sink or a very large pots such as a water bath canner, soak peanuts for one hour and drain that water.  Run more water and drain.  Run more water and soak overnight.  I do my soaking in the evenings. This method of soaking and rinsing helps to ensure that your peanuts are as clean as possible before going into the jars. In the morning, prepare all materials and jars.  (With half a bushel, my peanuts made 16 quarts and 1 pint plus what I threw in the crock pot.)  Drain the peanuts and put them in a large pot.  Cover them with water and place on the stove.  Bring them to a boil and them turn them down to simmer for at least 15 minutes.  (They will not be done at this point.)  While waiting on the peanuts to come to a boil, mix the salt and water in a large stock pot.  Set it on stove and bring just to a boil, then turn down to simmer. (I actually did mine in two batches: 1gal. water & 1 cup water) Place rings and lids for the jars in warm water.  I also put my jars in my canner to simmer in hot water while I wait.  This way, my jars are hot when I am ready to fill them. When the peanuts have simmered for at least fifteen minutes, fill jars to within one inch of the top of the jar.  Pour hot brine over the peanuts to the lower rim of the jar.  Run a flat, plastic spatula between the peanuts and jar to release any trapped air bubbles.  Seal the jars with two piece lids.  Process pints for 45 minutes at 10 pounds pressure or quarts for 50 minutes at 10 pounds pressure.  Be sure to check for proper pressure in your area.  **When canning, always make sure to follow USDA guidelines for safe canning.


  1. You are just too much! :)I love how you have picked up the joy of canning :)Those peanuts look A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. You will need lots of mountain dew to go with those.Love you girlfriend!

    1. Lots of Mountain Dew and a friend too! :) Love you bunches!

  2. I'm going to can about 25 lb of peanuts soon. I'd love to try some "flavors". Any suggestions??? I saw one for chicken broth. Not sure where to look for recipes.

    1. Oh, Diane! I am so sorry I haven't been able to answer your question before now! I cooked some of mine with chili seasoning. They were delicious. I didn't really measure. I just dumped in what looked right. :/ If you are able, go to Google and search Cajun boiled peanuts. I never was able to get to those this year, but they are on my agenda for next year. If you aren't able to pull up a recipe that way, please, let me know. I will make sure you get a real recipe! Blessings!