Friday, July 12, 2013

Picking Up the Hogs

Yesterday was quite a busy and crazy day.  It was the day to pick up our three hogs from the butcher shop.  Bill's father was getting one of the hogs, and we were going to put the other two in our freezer.  We were just praying it would all fit.  Unfortunately, yesterday morning Grandpa called and said he just didn't think he could make the long ride.  He recently had hip replacement surgery and wasn't having a good day.  Making that little-over-an-hour drive just wasn't going to happen.  Who could blame him?  Around the same time, I had checked on Alissa to see how she was feeling since she was still in bed.  Her fever was 103.5.  I looked in her throat and knew she had to go to the doctor.  Bill and I looked at each other as if to say, "Uh, oh!  What are we going to do!?"  Lol!  We knew we had to act and think fast.  We had already analyzed our bank account, and we really felt we just didn't have extra money to spare for a freezer since we had just bought the computer we desperately needed for school, especially if we were about to pay out of pocket for a doctor's visit and medication and repairs to his big truck (again!) and a house payment and a truck payment.  Sigh...I did all I knew to do.  I just looked at Bill and said, "We will have to do what we have to do."  As he quickly took off to make a two hour round trip to pick up a chest freezer, I quickly got ready to carry my sweet little girl to the doctor.  As I got ready, I refused to stress.  I just placed it in God's hands.  I told Him I trusted Him to provide.  He has taken such good care of us so far.  Why would I doubt He would do it again?  I simply didn't doubt or worry.  I knew He would work it all out.  He always does.

We made it to the doctor, found out for sure Alissa had strep throat, headed to get her medication, and made the almost hour trip back home.  Once home, Alissa took her medicine and crawled back in bed.  Bill had already gotten back home and was rearranging the garage to make room for the new freezer before leaving to get the meat.

On his way home, he called worried we still weren't going to have room.  I quickly cleaned out the refrigerator, keeping only what was absolutely essential as I listened to storms approaching from the same direction he was traveling with all the meat just thrown into the back of his truck.

Again, what was I to do but trust God would just make it all okay?  Despite all the thunder and lightning, Bill arrived home without getting wet.

This is what three processed hogs in the back of a truck looks like.  We flew trying to put it all in the freezer as it was quickly thawing.  As quickly as we were moving, we somehow managed to keep the meat organized according to it's kind.  I can't believe how fast we got it done!  And guess what!?  We had a little room to spare!

The meat in the new freezer

Meat in our old freezer

Meat in our frig for canning- Boy did this make a HUGE mess
for me to clean up!  My refrigerator has a had a THOROUGH
Within minutes of getting done, we knew exactly what we wanted for supper.  We decided on pork chops, cream corn, zipper peas, and a blackberry cobbler (from the blackberries we have been picking in the field.).

My husband and son ate until I thought they would get sick!  Jake keeps
asking if we can have it again tonight!
This was out of this world!  I wanted to act like a little piggy and just stick
my face right in the pan!  Rest at ease, I controlled myself. ;)
I came in, checked on Alissa, and got supper started.  Once everything was going, I went back and checked on Alissa again.  It had only been about thirty to forty-five minutes, but her fever had spike to 105 degrees.  I nearly flipped out!  I pulled off her covers, unclothed her as much as she would allow, gave her Advil, and started wiping her down with cool cloths.  I did exactly what I had done all day.  I prayed over her asking God to deliver her from the fever and that it wouldn't cause any harm to her body.  Her fever did come down to 102 within the hour, and I left her side to eat.  While we were eating she came in the dining room smiling asking for something to eat.  That was something she hadn't done in over two days!  She ate a few bites and decided she wanted to stay with us instead of getting back in bed like she had been for two days.  In an hour she was playing a little with her daddy.  :)  What a sight for a tired Mama's heart and eyes! I did stay up and watch over her through the night, but as of this afternoon, the fever has not returned!  To top that off, when Bill checked on his paycheck this morning it was more than double what he was expecting!  I am just moved to tears!

My God, our God, is SO good and loving!  He has provided so much for my family the last few days.  I can't sing His praises enough!  I don't have enough words worthy enough to praise His great name!  "O, For a thousand tongues to sing!"  My friend, I wish I could pour out of me and into you what I feel for and know of my LORD!  He is capable of so much more than what we have courage to even ask for!  He loves you, and He is more than able to provide for your need!  We must simply trust and obey.  I hope my story gives you hope to trust Him and follow through with what He has asked you to do.

Until we meet again, may you be blessed!


  1. Thank you, JESUS!!! He truly delights in pleasing His children. Why worry when we can just pray, right? You amaze, inspire and move me to be a better person. I love you dearly!

    1. Love and inspiration greatly given is easy to return! Love you bunches!!!

  2. Crawl into bed dear and sleep well!!

    Can't wait to have pork barbeque sandwiches with ya!

    1. Oh, precious friend! I can't wait for either! I am exhausted but happy. :) I cannot wait to see you! Love you bunches too!!!