Saturday, June 8, 2013


Life has so many twists and turns that sometimes one's head can go spinning out of control.  This week we had four starving puppies show up out of no where.  I have desperately been trying to get rid of them.  I don't handle fleas and knowing they need to be wormed so well.  Around the same time I learned my husband will be working half way across the country for six months, and that will mean he will have to find lodging there.  So while I have been trying to find homes for puppies, I have also been trying to find a 'home' for my husband.  His working so far away will also mean I have to get rid of all my pigs if my children and I are planning to visit him there.  At moments, I have felt as if my brain had been sucked up in an EF 5 vortex!  If that is you in your moment of life, this is for you!  :)

If tomorrow you sit behind me and notice fleas upon my head, let me know I need to be debugged.
If you notice the hairs are a bit to long, hand me a razor.
If you notice my feet are quite rough around the edges and the edges of the toenails are stained with dirt, tell me I need a pedicure.  Just know I might have already scrubbed and scrubbed to no avail.
If you notice the stench of pigs, tell me I need to check my shoes or not stand so close to the pigs when feeding.
If my hair is a mess, hand me a comb.
If you visit and my house is messy or dirty, ask where the cleaning supplies are kept. :)
If my children are a little wilder than normal, treat them as your own.
If I look like I've missed too many meals during the week, tell me I need to eat. (That's not likely to happen any time soon!)
If my eyes are bordered by dark circles, tell me I need a little more sleep.
If my children are a little behind on the standardized test, tell me I need to teach a little more.
If my little garden can't be seen, tell me I need to weed.
If my sod is a little brown, tell me I need to water.
If my grass is a little too tall, tell me I need to cut the lawn.
If the feed drum is empty, tell me I need to load it and take it to the feed store.
If you hug me and I wince in pain, tell me I need to wear sunscreen the next time I sit in a parking lot trying to find homes for abandoned puppies.
If I nod, tell me the day of rest doesn't mean to sleep through church.
If my cupboards are empty, tell me I need to go to the store.
If you find me in a crumpled heap upon the floor, tell me to find my boot straps and get a grip!

No matter how hard or crazy life gets sometimes, I am always able to remind myself life could always be much worse and that I have so many blessings for which I can offer thanks instead of focusing on the bad or hard.  Wouldn't Satan just love it if we wallowed in our pity and made our lives seem worse to ourselves than they really are?  I refuse!  God gave me his words and His promises.  Though things, may seem hard, I will praise Him in the storm!  He is mighty and able, and He has proved His wonders time and time again!  He is always teaching, stretching, and growing me.  I will not let myself doubt, worry, grumble, or complain now!  Yes, there are moments of weakness when I feel I can't handle anything else, but guess what.  I always find the strength to keep going.  Where does the strength come from?  "My help cometh from the Lord which made heaven and earth." Psalms 121:2  He will help me and lift me up if I just trust and persevere.

God is good, my friend!  He is greater than any challenge we face.  These moments are an opportunity to see Him, to trust Him.  The challenges and difficult moments are moments to taste and see that the LORD is good!  Yes, even in your situation!  Go forth and conquer the world!!!  Well, okay, at least conquer all the negative thoughts eating away at your joy.  ;)  You are loved, my friend!

Until we meet again, may you be blessed!


  1. I hope you find a home for the puppies and a house for your husband and I hope you learn to enjoy a few road trips to Texas and have many fun memories from that! And I wish you to succeed in life, in everything! Love and HUGS to you my dear friend.!

    1. Thank you, precious friend! Love ya!