Friday, May 3, 2013

Making Butter

The other day, my husband unexpectedly came home to have his truck worked on.  The next day he wanted grits for breakfast.  We were supposed to pick up butter from the store on the way home from taking his truck to the shop, but we had both forgotten.  When I woke up the next morning and was just about to dread trying to figure out what to make for breakfast since I didn't have butter, the light bulb above my head began to shine brightly!  I remembered I had heavy cream in the refrigerator, and I remembered a lesson I did with my children where we made butter from heavy cream.  My problem was solved!  I would make my own butter!

First, I poured heavy cream into a clean jar.

The lid was placed on the jar, and the jar was shaken.

When my arm was beginning to tire, my husband's interest had been piqued, and he wanted a turn.  ;)

After shaking for a while, the cream gets really thick and feels as if nothing is happening.

This is why it feels as if nothing is happening, but I knew to keep shaking.  Soon, the most amazing thing happens.  It sounds as if the cream has turned back to a liquid, but it is the buttermilk that has separated from the butter!  It fascinates me every single time!

I ended up with about three tablespoons of butter.  It was just enough to make our grits!

Isn't it neat that we don't always have to depend on the grocery store to provide what we need?

Until we meet again, may you be blessed!


  1. I like the truck on Bill's shirt. Was it a iron on patch?

    1. These were his uniform shirts from Frito-Lay. When he started driving for himself we took them to a place that does embroidery, and they embroidered over the Frito-Lay logo.