Friday, January 2, 2015

Just Like Garden Tea

I absolutely love to travel, but I cannot imagine living anywhere but where we live. I love our little community and our little church. (I have to say that loosely, because our house is actually twenty-five to thirty minutes away.) I have so many beautiful friendships there with those who encourage me and inspire me and challenge me in my faith, abilities, and gifts. They are a beautiful addition to the friendships I have had for nearly half my life.

One of my favorite things we do is get together for frolics. I was not born with the "I-love-to-clean" gene, so those frolics I really do not like, heehee, but the ones where we get together to do corngreen beans, peas, butcher chickens and pick strawberries, peaches or any other number of things just excite me!

Usually, on a big frolic day, there will be a meal. Many times at one of those meals Garden Tea will be served, and most times it is made with the herbs grown right outside the home of a wonderful woman with a talented green thumb. Sadly, I wasn't born with that gene either. :( I am desperately trying to learn to have one, though! :)

The first time I ever had this tea, I was very new to the community. I had never been to a work frolic before, nor had I ever had Garden Tea. It was a corn frolic at one of my dear friends' sister's home. I didn't know what was in my cup when I turned it up that day, but my heart simply skipped a beat at the first sip! It was so light and invigorating! It was the perfect drink for a warm day of hard work. I thought about that drink for a whole year until it was time for the corn frolic at the same home the next year! Imagine my total sadness when it was not served! Agh! What?! Sigh....Luckily, a short time later there was a green bean frolic, and my friend Mari at Patchwork Blessing had made some to serve. I had to have two cups! heehee!

Well, fast forward to just a short while ago when my friend, Catherine, introduced me to essential oils. With my first order, I received a bottle of Slim and Sassy. It took me a while to warm up to the idea of actually trying it, but alas, I did. Just by pure chance I decided to try it in my oolong tea. I had just been turned onto that tea by Mari at the green bean frolic....All these healthy habits these ladies get me into, I tell ya what!

Into my 12 oz. tea I added the four drops as the bottle directed. Imagine my utter surprise when I tasted the taste of my familiar, beloved, garden tea!! EEEK! I love the flood of memories that still come with each sip!

Just as a couple words of caution, if you are not already used to the taste of garden tea, I would start with just one or two drops and work your way up to four. Also, you will want to drink from a straw, and stir with that straw as you go.

I hope you get to try it, and let me know what you think!

Until we meet again, may you be blessed!

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