Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Around the World: Russia

I thought I was through sharing countries for this year, but I just had to share one more! 

In Russia, most Christians belong to the Eastern Orthodox church and it is customary to fast until after the first church service on Christmas Eve when there is a feast.  The feast is usually meatless, but there is one dish that is very popular.  It is called kutya.  We made this dish at the bakery as I helped my sister get all the Christmas special orders out.  This porridge dish was so good that I just had to share!

We only used raisins.  We didn't use the
optional ingredients.

The main ingredient in the dish is wheat berries which symbolize hope and immortality.  I had never heard of or seen wheat berries before, but I so surprised with everything about them!- taste, texture, ease of use, watching them transformation in the pan as they cooked!  I know, I am a little crazy when it comes to ingredients!  lol!

Anyway, the dish is served in a common bowl, meaning one large bowl from which everyone eats to symbolize unity. 

I am a bit germaphobic so we just took the first bite from the common bowl.  lol!

Individual dishes were then served up.  The kiddos didn't really care for it, but the adults that tried it, loved it!  It is such a lite and refreshing dish!

I hope you all enjoyed a peaceful, beautiful Christmas!  May you be blessed with a happy, healthy, prosperous new year!

Until we meet again, may you be blessed!

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