Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Chirstmas Book Favorites


This morning we pulled all our Christmas books off the shelf.  I am a few days late this year, huh?  :)  We had so much fun looking through them.  I loved seeing the children eagerly reaching for and quickly flipping through so many of them!  "Oh, Mama!  I love this one!"  "Mama!  Can we read this one tonight?"  "Mama!  This is the one where...."  "Mama!  Where is the one where...."  I simply loved it!  There were books scattered everywhere!

I got so tickled when I sat down to start writing this post.  I saw where there was a new blog post on one my favorite blogs, Home Joys .  She had done the exact same thing!  It must be in the air.  You should take a look at her list, too.  She had some that I would love to add to our collection. 

I had a hard time picking out my favorites to share, but I finally got it narrowed down to my top 10.  They are listed in no particular order.

1.  The Glory of Christmas  by Charles Swindoll, Max Lucado, and Charles Colson
The Glory of Christmas

"Max Lucado, Charles Swindoll, and Charles Colson share the true meaning of Christmas, including salvation, power for living, righteousness, relationships, encouragement, and more." copied from the Amazon description.  This is for the adults.

2.  Christmas Treasury  Family Classic Edition
Christmas Treasury

A collection of Christmas stories, poems, and songs. This is a beautiful book for family readings and sing alongs.

3.  The Animals' Christmas Eve  by Gale Wiersum

The Animals' Christmas Eve (A Little Golden Book)

This book retells the story of the birth of Jesus from the view of animals.

4.  The Little Drummer Boy by Ezra Jack Keats
The Little Drummer Boy
The poor, little drummer boy follows the procession to the baby king, Jesus, but what gift will he bring?  In his gift is the sweetest meaning of all.

5.  The Beautiful Christmas Tree  by Charlotte Zolotow
The Beautiful Christmas Tree

Mr. Crockett shows his neighbors beauty can be found in unexpected places.

6.  The Littlest Christmas Angel  by Charles Tazewell
The Littlest Angel

The littlest angel worries his little box of treasures is too humble to offer to the newborn king, Jesus.  God certainly didn't think is was.  See what God does with his gift.

7.  Follow the Star  by Rachel W. N. Brown  Originally published as Small Camel Follows the Star

Follow the Star

Small Camel is the newest camel in Balthazar's corral, but his mother knows he will grow in to a strong Camel that Balthazar will be proud of.  Balthazar sees the awaited star, but Small Camel is sure he is too little to take the important journey.  Journey along with Balthazr and Small Camel to meet the king and see why Small Camel was so important despite his size.

8.  The Twelve Days of Christmas  illustrated by Jan Brett
The Twelve Days of Christmas

"A centuries-old favorite holiday carol, "The Twelve Days of Christmas" was one of the first to celebrate the secular tradition of gift-giving. This sumptuously illustrated version features not only the gifts of a suitor to his true love but a loving family's Christmas preparations, how to say "Merry Christmas" in 12 different language, and a vast array of charming woodland animals."  copied from Amzon's description.  It was much better than anything I could say!  :)

9.  On Christmas Eve  by Margaret Wise Brown
On Christmas Eve

In the big house, the adults are asleep, but the children who lie anxiously awake try to make no sound as they sneak down the stairs to take a peek at the beautiful tree.  This book captures the beauty and wonder of Christmas .  It is my daughter's favorite Christmas book.

10.  Silver Packages  An Appalachian Christmas Story  by Cynthia Rylant
Silver Packages: An Appalachian Christmas Story

In Appalachia each year, Frankie stood beside the train hoping for one certain gift to be thrown to him.  Did he ever get what he waited for?

I hope you enjoy the list!  Please feel free to share your favorite Christmas book!

Until we meet again, may you be blessed!


  1. Thanks for sharing your list! There are a lot of new-to-me books listed! I'll see if they are at my library!

    1. You are most welcome! Thank you for "stopping by!" :)

  2. Awesome job on the book lists........I love book lists.