Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas Around the World: Nicaragua

The last country we covered for our studies last week was Nicaragua.  We read that in Nicaragua bells ring out to announce midnight mass and that the end of the holiday season is celebrated with a fireworks display.  We had planned to let the children play with the sparklers while Daddy shot off fireworks, but that just didn't happen this year.  We did, however, make jingle bell bracelets to ring while singing carols.  It was fun to watch my four-year-old complete a craft without my help.  Where did my little baby go? 

Silly kids!

On Friday afternoon and a little while on Saturday, I helped Bill with a woodworking craft.  He has been home so long, he was going stir crazy.  He decided to make something for our friends who are big Auburn football fans.  I drew out a picture of Aubie, the mascot, and helped him figure out how to cut it out.

This is the before,

and this is the after.
There were a few mishaps, but I think he did pretty well, especially considering how long it has been since he's tried doing anything with his saw.  I like working with the saw some too.  Helping Bill with this project spurred a ton of new ideas!  Who knows what may come of it!  :)

Well, Monday will usher in a whole new week of countries to cover.  Perhaps I will be able to share some of our highlights from last year.  I hope you can join us!  Please feel free to share your ideas or projects with us.  We are always on the lookout for new ideas!

Until we meet again, may you be blessed!

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