Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Bill's vacation started Saturday, but I haven't worked this hard in a long time!  One whole day was spent finishing up a swing set.  The "neighbors" came over to help with that project.  I cooked lunch for everyone that day.  As they finished up, I wasn't much help, so I took care of all the animals and watering (And there was A LOT of it! Bill had just bought three drake elm trees for shade and twelve crepe myrtles for the beds.  Then there was my normal watering of tomatoes, peppers, and flowers. ;) ).  I knew Bill was exhausted and wouldn't feel like doing it when he got through.  They ended up working so late that I cooked supper for everyone too.  It was close to 10:00 before I got everything cleaned back up, but I am so thankful to be blessed with one set of kind neighbors that live just a little down the dirt road.

The next day we had to go to Thomaston to get weed block fabric to finish up our flower beds, to get more hoses, nozzles and a sprinkler to make watering the new trees and garden easier, and to get landscape timbers to go around the swing set so we can cover the dirty sand (the children are getting so filthy playing up there all day!).  Unfortunately, the sprinkler for the garden didn't work, the nozzles we paid for never made it into the truck, and two of the hoses were missing a rubber ring.  In addition, when we got home, we found one large shelf holding all my stuff that I was storing from my classroom had fallen over.  Bill was not a happy camper!  I had already planned to sort through all the school stuff this week, so I guess that was God's way of making sure it got done, lol!

We had time to plant the three Drake Elm trees and finish one complete bed when we got home.  I started sorting through boxes in between helping Bill.  As he finished putting in the river rock, I took care of all the feeding and cooked supper.  It was nice to enjoy a nice, late supper on the porch that evening.

The sprinklers take care of these trees now!

We worked ALL day Tuesday finishing up the beds but first thing that morning, Bill took the training wheels off Alissa's bike.  She has been waiting for a long time!

Silly Daddy!

The children also stayed outside on their new swing set all day.  I continued sorting in between helping Bill.  Why did I have so much stuff?  I had so many files to sort through!  It is Wednesday, and I am still not done!  It was overwhelming to see how much I used to try to teach in one year!  I have saved less than I got rid of, but I don't know where in the world I will put it!  I can use it with Alissa this year and Jake in a few years.  Then I can get rid of all of it for good!  :) 

These are pictures I took this afternoon of two of the new trees and the flower beds.  We still need border flowers, but that will have to wait...maybe for a very long time!  :)

Thank goodness it is Wednesday, and it is finally raining!  I am way behind on my cleaning, and I need to catch up, but I thought I would share a few farm pictures while I have the rare free time!

Fern has turned broody on us.  I hope we have a couple of chicks
in a couple of weeks!

The pigs enjoy playing with the empty pool and each other!

Psst!  Can you keep a secret?.

A pig with a full belly is a happy, sleepy pig!

Thank you for stopping by to share in our time and adventures on Southland Farm!  I'd love to hear about your own adventures, big or small! 

Until next time, be blessed!


  1. Love that clean winding Georgia.....I want to go visit Georgia!!