Sunday, April 15, 2012

Busy, Fun Times!

What a busy two days we have had!

Yesterday, the children and I started the day by heading to my hometown to do our weekly grocery shopping.  Since  my sister has opened her own bakery, Cake House Bakery,  her shop is always our first stop for cinnamon rolls!  This time I picked up two cupcakes for a childhood friend who had given birth the night before and made a quick delivery to the hospital.  Due to a couple of minor issues, I wasn't able to hold the precious, beautiful baby.  I was so surprised to find myself with tears in my eyes as soon as I laid eyes on him!  Is there anything more precious than a newborn?

After going back to the bakery to pick up my own two precious babies, we headed to the store.  We had so much fun buying stuff to plant when we got home, and they were so sweet in helping me with grocery shopping.  After returning home, we couldn't wait to get started on our plants!  We have been studying plants in science ( I saved this unit just for this spring!), so the activity was perfect!  We turned it into a science experiment with some math mixed in.  They didn't even realize it!  We made predicitions, measured, counted, multiplied, and discussed how the seeds would grow.  For this project, we planted giant pumpkin seeds.  I had picked up a couple lemon verbena plants and lavendar seeds (my two favorite plants in the world!) to work on later.

Here Alissa and Jake are measuring out the correct amount of
water to add to the soil pellet.
Alissa breaking up the soil.  Can you believe
Jake didn't want to get his hands dirty?

Jacob didn't want to get his hands dirty, but he had no problems
adding the seeds!

The poor children were trying to pose with the completed
project, but the sun blazing down from one side, and the light
bouncing of the white siding on the other caused us to not be
able to open our eyes for very long!  :0

This is the science jounaling we started for our experiment.  I had intentions of doing a lot more with it, but Jacob had a rare moment when he was ready to work and learn.  We just had fun with moment and got the essentials in.  We'll add the other stuff as we add more entries.  Jacob was so excited to get his own notebook.  I got a great big hug and thank you.  He hopped in my lap and got busy!  I held his hand to help him write, and I let him give me answers.  He had fun drawing people for the first time and writing a "J"!  He even "read" to me the words "I am" a few times!  I promised to make him an "I Am" book.  I'll share that creation soon!  What a treasure to see the excitement and enthusiasm in his eyes and voice.   I know he will be reading soon, and I am so happy that I will be the one to hear him read his first book the first time.  While I was working with Jacob in my lap, little Alissa was beside us at the table with a little light shining in her eyes.  Her little arm curled around her notebook as she worked so hard, "Don't look, Mama!"  Her little nose would wrinkle up in that sweet way as she bit her lip and ducked back down to continue working.  "What color do you want to be?"  she asked.  Finally she was done.  She drew a picture of us planting the seeds in the cups.  She had figured out all by herself how to draw us sitting on our knees!  What a special, precious little girl!  I am so blessed to be able to be at home and share these precious moments with my children!  Thank you, Lord, for your blessings on me!

Today, Saturday, we drove almost an hour to a Jesus party!  The daughters of a friend of mine wanted to share Jesus with friends and neighbors so they decided to throw a Jesus party in their front yard!  How could we not go and support those sweet little girls?  The two little girls led the whole thing.  One led the crowd in songs and one played "Amazing Grace"on her guitar.  There were crafts and refreshments.  The kids were even provided chalk.  You'll see from the pictures what they chose to draw.  I wish I lived closer to this sweet crew!

When we got home, we found Bill had just finished clearing the hopeless flower beds.  I can't share those picutures yet!  That's a blog project for Monday or Tuesday!  The following pictures are of one of the hogs drinking from the hose when we went to feed them and of my first daylily of the year! 

There was one more big project going on over the weekend, but that is for another blog post too!  Stay tuned!  What homeschool or springtime projects do you have to share?

Until next time, be blessed!


  1. I LOVE the idea of a Jesus Block Party! How fun!

    I also adore sneaky schoolwork! ;)

  2. The block party was very sweet.

    I sneak in school work anytime I can! The other day we went to a horse show and Jake got bored. We used the numbers on the seats to practice/review numbers and counting!