Monday, July 2, 2012

Summer Project Cram

I have been so busy today!  Where did the day go?  It has flown by in chunks of hours instead of minutes!  In the middle of one of my projects today I got weak and felt shakey.  Jake came in and asked for something to drink.  When I went to the kitchen, the time on the clock shocked me.  It was 2:00 in the afternoon!  I had completely missed lunch time!  Oh, I felt so guilty for not feeding my children!  I had NO idea it was that late in the day!  I was even more surprised the kiddos hadn't complained about being hungry.

Along with helping Alissa with some of her school work, this was the project I was/am working on.

This is part of my Thanksgiving unit I am working on.  I started it last year, but after going through all my classroom materials I had in storage, I am adding to it.  Whew!  What a job!  I'm going to need a bigger binder and a lot more page protectors!  I hope I can finish the majority of the work tomorrow, but I'm not going to stress over it if it doesn't get done.  I'll explain later.

After lunch, I was able to finally get ready to go to town since Bill had gotten up.  I had to mail a letter to a friend and I tried to deliver Alissa's attendance report.  Upon returning home, I started supper and prepared the buttermilk brine for the chicken to marinate overnight (or rather the next  two nights since I had a whole loaf of meatloaf leftover tonight.)  While I was cooking, Bill took the children with him on the Rhino to take the trash to the dump.  I was able to take a couple of pictures for Jake's next sight word book.  I have been waiting a long time to catch them riding it so I could snap a couple of pictures.  After eating and cleaning up, I got the children in bed in hopes of working on my unit some more, but when I sat down to it, I just didn't have it in me anymore.  I decided to browse the internet for a bit and then work on this post.  I've still got to answer a couple of emails.

I guess the fact that it is actually July has finally sunk in for me.  I can't believe that in less than a month it will be time for Alissa's second grade school year to officially begin, and I don't have all the projects done that I had hoped I could do this summer.  I remember those hours before a big exam in college.  The time would be spent studying and studying non-stop until the test was given.  We called it cramming for a test.  I guess that is the way I feel about my projects now.  I am in cramming mode to get them all in.  One thing I am determined to do, though, is spend a lot of undivided time with my children, doing projects with them.  I have been so focused on animals and trying fruitlessly to keep the lawn pristine, that I haven't had much time to do fun things with them.  One of my goals for tomorrow is to let each child pick one project off my "For the Kids" board on Pinterest to complete together.  I can't wait!  I also want to take Alissa to a little Mennonite fabric shop that is about twenty minutes away to see if we can find someone who can teach us a couple of things we can work on together.  I know my friend, Jane, in Pennsylvania would be proud if I did!  :)  I would love to learn embroidery, but anything to do with sewing would make me happy!  Maybe I should focus on learning how to use my sewing machine that has been in the garage for three years!  :)  My high hopes for canning have pretty much flown out the window.  The drought has not been good for the fruit.  Maybe next year.

What projects are you trying to complete this summer?  I'd love to hear about them!
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Mercy, I must go answer those emails and rest my racing mind.  Until we meet again, may you be blessed!


  1. In my best mommie voice... "Girl! You better eat! You gotta take care of those babies!" ;)
    (Sorry, couldn't resist!)
    BUT!! Don't feel bad about not giving lunch to the children... *IF* they had been hungry, they would definitely have asked for lunch! Some of mine ask for food every 5 minutes, even after eating a big meal... not.even.kidding.
    Saturday, I didn't bother preparing lunch til 2pm... of course, I had served a big pancake breakfast about 10ish :)

    1. Yes ma'am! My children are always asking for food, too. That is why I was so surprised. I guess they were too involved in whatever they were playing to notice they were hungry! Like Mama, like children. :)