Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day Gift and Animals

I use Pinterest a lot.  I have so many ideas saved on my boards, there is no way I will ever get to use all of them, but I like having them there just in case! ;)

A few weeks ago I did find an idea that I loved!  I had not planned to use it until Father's Day, but when I couldn't think of anything to give my mother, I decided to go ahead and use it. 

When we got dressed for church Sunday, I got the children to pose for a few quick shots with the camera.  I quickly loaded them to the store website for 1-hour printing.  I tried to pick them up before church when we got to Thomaston since I had received an email and text message saying the pictures were ready, but there had been a delay.  Anyway,  we went on to church with my mother and ate lunch.  Afterward, we took her with us back to the store.  The sweet lady in the photo lab helped me put the project together while my mom waited patienty.  :)  I was happy with the way it turned out even if I didn't get to wrap it and present it to my mother the way I had planned.  She loved it.  She showed it to everyone that stopped to speak.  This is the finished project.  The best part is that I already have part of our Father's Day gift out of the way, too!  When we were taking these pictures, I went ahead and had Jake hold the board that read "Daddy.":)  But, shhh...Don't tell him!  Lol!  I love giving gifts!  I get so excited!

Today has been a silly day for all of our animals.  Earlier, the children came running into the house yelling that Henry the rooster was laying in the nest beside the nest Fran was in!  Unfortunately, they disturbed the two chickens too much before I could get to the coop with the camera.  I was able to catch a shot of a silly hog, though!

These are new pictures of the chicks.  I can't believe how quickly they have changed and grown!  I have loved watching Fern teach her chicks.  I have watched her teach them how to drink water, get on and stay on a perch, fly, scratch for food, and come to her when she has found food and calls them to get it.  Henry, the rooster, does the same thing for the hens.  Perhaps she is training them to come to his call.  I don't know; I've never had chickens before.  :)  She no longer runs from me when I get close to her like she did before she hatched the chicks.  Now, she will come right up to me with the chicks.  She is even starting to trust Alissa.  Jake is still a little too rowdy for her liking.  Who knew I would ever come to love such simple things!?

Thank you for spending some time with us here on the farmette today!  Feel free to share your creative gift ideas!


  1. Love the photo idea! You should give a link your pinterest page so ladies like me could follow you and not be in the dark about so many things in life, lol.
    Poor Bill must not read your blog, or he could know about his Father's day gift!

    Oinkers is really starting to look hammy!
    Love to you....

  2. Thank you, Jane! I need a blogger class; I can't figure out how to do all that fancy stuff. I want to add tabs at the top, too. Sigh...I'll get there one day. Bill never reads my blogs, so I hope I'm safe until Father's Day. :) You never can tell when he'll change his mind and want to read it, lol.

    Oh, yes! Every time "Oinkers" tries to bite me, she looks more and more hammy!!!

    Love and blessings to you, too!